Just finished converting both rsync and gcrypt to the new API, and testing them. Still need to fix 2 test suite failures for gcrypt. Otherwise, only WebDAV remains unconverted.

Earlier today, I investigated switching from hS3 to http://hackage.haskell.org/package/aws. Learned its API, which seemed a lot easier to comprehend than the other two times I looked at it. Wrote some test programs, which are in the s3-aws branch. I was able to stream in large files to S3, without ever buffering them in memory (which hS3's API precludes). And for chunking, it can reuse an http connection. This seems very promising. (Also, it might eventually get Glacier support..)

I have uploaded haskell-aws to Debian, and once it gets into testing and backports, I plan to switch git-annex over to it.