Today was spent reworking so much of the webdav special remote that it was essentially rewritten from scratch.

The main improvement is that it now keeps a http connection open and uses it to perform multiple actions. Before, one connection was made per action. This is even done for operations on chunks. So, now storing a chunked file in webdav makes only 2 http connections total. Before, it would take around 10 connections per chunk. So a big win for performance, although there is still room for improvement: It would be possible to reduce that down to just 1 connection, and indeed keep a persistent connection reused when acting on multiple files.

Finished up by making uploading a large (non-chunked) file to webdav not buffer the whole file in memory.

I still need to make downloading a file from webdav not buffer it, and test, and then I'll be done with webdav and can move on to making similar changes to S3.