Yesterday, finished converting S3 to use the aws library. Very happy with the result (no memory leaks! connection caching!), but s3-aws is not merged into master yet. Waiting on a new release of the aws library so as to not break Internet Archive S3 support.

Today, spent a few hours adding more tests to testremote. The new tests take a remote, and construct a modified version that is intentionally unavailable. Then they make sure trying to use it fails in appropriate ways. This was a very good thing to test; two bugs were immediately found and fixed.

And that wraps up several weeks of hacking on the core of git-annex's remotes support, which started with reworking chunking and kind of took on a life of its own. I plan a release of this new stuff in a week. The next week will be spent catching up on 117 messages of backlog that accumulated while I was in deep coding mode.