Today, I've expanded git annex info to also be able to be used on annexed files and on remotes. Looking at the info for an individual remote is quite useful, especially for answering questions like: Does the remote have embedded creds? Are they encrypted? Does it use chunking? Is that old style chunking?

description: demo remote
uuid: 15b42f18-ebf2-11e1-bea1-f71f1515f9f1
cost: 250.0
type: rsync
encryption: encrypted (to gpg keys: 7321FC22AC211D23 C910D9222512E3C7)
chunking: 1 MB chunks
remote: ia3
description: test [ia3]
uuid: 12817311-a189-4de3-b806-5f339d304230
cost: 200.0
type: S3
creds: embedded in git repository (not encrypted)
bucket: joeyh-test-17oct-3
internet archive item:
encryption: not encrypted
chunking: none

Should be quite useful info for debugging too..

Yesterday, I fixed a bug that prevented retrieving files from Glacier.