Worked on making the assistant able to merge in existing encrypted git repositories from

This had two parts. First, making the webapp UI where you click to enable a known special remote work with these encrypted repos. Secondly, handling the case where a user knows they have an encrypted repository on, so enters in its hostname and path, but git-annex doesn't know about that special remote. The second case is important, for example, when the encrypted repository is a backup and you're restoring from it. It wouldn't do for the assistant, in that case, to make a new encrypted repo and push it over top of your backup!

Handling that was a neat trick. It has to do quite a lot of probing, including downloading the whole encrypted git repo so it can decrypt it and merge it, to find out about the special remote configuration used for it. This all works with just 2 ssh connections, and only 1 ssh password prompt max.

Next, on to generalizing this specific code to work with arbitrary ssh servers!

Today's work was made possible by RMS's vision 30 years ago.