Took a holiday week off from git-annex development, and started a new side project building shell-monad, which might eventually be used in some parts of git-annex that generate shell scripts.

Message backlog is 165 and I have not dove back into it, but I have started spinning back up the development engines in preparation for new year takeoff.

Yesterday, added some minor new features -- git annex sync now supports git remote groups, and I added a new plumbing command setpresentkey for those times when you really need to mess with git-annex's internal bookkeeping. Also cleaned up a lot of build warning messages on OSX and Windows.

Today, first some improvements to make addurl more robust. Then the rest of the day was spent on Windows. Fixed (again) the Windows port's problem with rsync hating DOS style filenames. Got the rsync special remote fully working on Windows for the first time.

Best of all, got the Windows autobuilder to run the test suite successfully, and fixed a couple test suite failures on Windows.