Today I got The pre-commit-annex hook working on Windows. It turns out that msysgit runs hook scripts even when they're not executable, and it parses the #! line itself. Now git-annex does too, on Windows.

Also, added a new chapter to the walkthrough, using special remotes. They clearly needed to be mentioned, especially to show the workflow of running initremote in one repository, then syncing another repository and running enableremote to enable the same special remote there.

Then more fun Windows porting! Turns out git-annex on Windows didn't handle files > 2 gb correctly; the way it was getting file size uses a too small data type on Windows. Luckily git-annex itself treats all file sizes as unbounded Integers, so I was easily able to swap in a getFileSize that returns correct values for large files.

While I haven't blogged since the 13th and have not been too active until today, there are still a number of little improvements that have been done here and there.

Including a fix for an interesting bug where the assistant would tell the remotedaemon that the network connection has been lost, twice in a row, and this would make the remotedeamon fail to reconnect to the remote when the network came up. I'm not sure what situation triggers this bug (Maybe machines with 2 interfaces? Or maybe a double disconnection event for 1 interface?), but I was able to reproduce it by sending messages to the remotedaemon, and so fixed it.

Backlog is down to 118 messages.