So close to being done with gcrypt support.. But still not quite there.

Today I made the UI changes to support gcrypt when setting up a repository on a ssh server, and improved the probing and data types so it can tell which options the server supports. Fairly happy with how that is turning out.

Have not yet hooked up the new buttons to make gcrypt repos. While I was testing that my changes didn't break other stuff, I found a bug in the webapp that caused it to sometimes fail to transfer one file to/from a remote that was just added, because the transferrer process didn't know about the new remote yet, and crashed (and was restarted knowing about it, so successfully sent any other files). So got sidetracked on fixing that.

Also did some work to make the gpg bundled with git-annex on OSX be compatable with the config files written by MacGPG. At first I was going to hack it to not crash on the options it didn't support, but it turned out that upgrading to version 1.4.14 actually fixed the problem that was making it build without support for DNS.

Today's work was sponsored by Thomas Hochstein.