I'm snowed in, but keeping busy..

Developed a complete workaround for the sqlite SELECT ErrorBusy bug. So after a week, I finally have sqlite working robustly. And, I merged in the branch that uses sqlite for incremental fsck.

Benchmarking an incremental fsck --fast run, checking 40 thousand files, it used to take 4m30s using sticky bits, and using sqlite slowed it down by 10s. So one added second per 4 thousand or so files. I think that's ok. Incremental fsck is intended to be used in big repos, which are probably not checked in --fast most, so the checksumming of files will by far swamp that overhead.

Also got sqlite and persistent installed on all the autobuilders. This was easier than expected, because persistent bundles its own copy of sqlite.

That would have been a good stopping place for the day's work.. But then I got to spent 5 more hours getting the EvilSplicer to support Persistent. Urgh. :-/

Now I can look forward to using sqlite for something more interesting than incremental fsck, like metadata caching for views, or the direct mode mappings. But, given all the trouble I had with sqlite, I'm going to put that off for a little while, to make sure that I've really gotten sqlite to work robustly.