Did a deep dive into ipfs last night. It has great promise.

As a first step toward using it with git-annex, I built an experimental ipfs special remote. It has some nice abilities; any ipfs address can be downloaded to a file in the repository:

git annex addurl ipfs:QmYgXEfjsLbPvVKrrD4Hf6QvXYRPRjH5XFGajDqtxBnD4W --file somefile

And, any file in the git-annex repository can be published to the world via ipfs, by simply using git annex copy --to ipfs. The ipfs address for the file is then visible in git annex whereis.

Had to extend the external special remote protocol slightly for that, so that ipfs addresses can be recorded as uris in git-annex, and will show up in git annex whereis.