Turns out that git has a feature I didn't know about; it will expand wildcards and other stuff in filenames passed to many git commands. This is on top of the shell's expansion.

That led to some broken behavior by git annex add 'foo.*' and, it could lead to other probably unwanted behavior, like git annex drop 'foo[barred]' dropping a file named food in addition to foo[barred]

For now, I've disabled this git feature throughout git-annex. If you relied on it for something, let me know, I might think about adding it back in specific places where it makes sense.

Improved git annex importfeed to check the itemid of the feed and avoid re-downloading a file with the same itemid. Before, it would add duplicate files if a feed kept the itemid the same, but changed the url. This was easier than expected because annex.genmetadata already caused the itemid to be stored in the git-annex metadata. I just had to make it check the itemid metadata, and set itemid even when annex.genmetadata isn't set.

Also got 4 other bug reports fixed, even though I feel I'm taking it easy today. It's good to be relaxed again!