Mostly working on Windows recently. Fixed handling of git repos on different drive letters. Fixed crazy start menu loop. Worked around stange msysgit version problem.

Also some more work on the concurrentprogress branch, making the progress display prettier.

Added one nice new feature yesterday: git annex info $dir now includes a table of repositories that are storing files in the directory, with their sizes.

repositories containing these files: 
    288.98 MB: ca9c5d52-f03a-11df-ac14-6b772ffe59f9 -- archive-5
    288.98 MB: f1c0ce8d-d848-4d21-988c-dd78eed172e8 -- archive-8
     10.48 MB: 587b9ccf-4548-4d6f-9765-27faecc4105f -- darkstar
     15.18 kB: 42d47daa-45fd-11e0-9827-9f142c1630b3 -- origin

Nice thing about this feature is it's done for free, with no extra work other than a little bit of addition. All the heavy location lookup work was already being done to get the numcopies stats.