Recent work has included improving fsck --from remote (and fixing a reversion caused by the relative path changes in January), and making annex.diskreserve be checked in more cases. And added a git annex required command for setting required content.

Also, I want to thank several people for their work:

  • Roy sent a patch to enable http proxy support.. despite having only learned some haskell by "30 mins with YAHT". I investigated that more, and no patch is actually necessary, but just a newer version of the http-client library.
  • CandyAngel has been posting lots of helpful comments on the website, including this tip that significantly speeds up a large git repository.
  • √ėyvind fixed a lot of typos throughout the git-annex documentation.
  • Yaroslav has created a git-annex-standalone.deb package that will work on any system where debian packages can be installed, no matter how out of date it is (within reason), using the same methods as the standalone tarball.