I've not been blogging, but have been busy this week. Backlog is down to 113 messages.

Tuesday: I got a weird bug report where git annex get was deleting a file. This turned out to be a bug in wget ftp://... where it would delete a symlink that was not where it had been told to download the fie to. I put a workaround in git-annex; wget is now run in a temp directory. But this was a legitimate wget bug, and it's now been reported to the wget developers and will hopefully get fixed there.

Wednesday: Added a --batch mode for several plumbing commands (contentlocation, examinekey, and lookupkey). This avoids startup overhead, and so lets a lot of queries be done much faster. The implementation should make it easy to add --batch to more plumbing commands as needed, and could probably extend to non-plumbing commands too.

Today: The first 5 hours involved an incompatible mess of ssh and rsync versions on Windows. A Gordian knot of brokenness and dependency hell. I finally found a solution which involves downgrading the cygwin rsync to an older version, and using msysgit's ssh rather than cygwin's.

Finished up today with more post-Debian-release changes. Landed a patch to switch from dataenc to sandi that had been waiting since 2013, and got sandi installed on all the git-annex autobuilders. Finished up with some prep for a release tomorrow.

Finally, Debian has a new enough ghc that it can build template haskell on arm! So, whenever a new version of git-annex finally gets into Debian (I hope soon), the webapp will be available on arm for those arm laptops. Yay!

This also means I have the opportunity to make the standalone arm build be done much more simply. Currently it involves qemu and a separate companion native mode container that it has to ssh to and build stuff, that has to have the same versions of all libraries. It's just enormously complicated and touchy. With template haskell building support, all that complexity can fall away.

What I'd really like to do is get a fast-ish arm box with 2gb of ram hosted somewhere, and use that to do the builds, in native mode. Anyone want to help provide such a box for git-annex arm autobuilds?