After a less active than usual week (dentist), I made a release last Friday. Unfortunately, it turns out that the Linux standalone builds in that release don't include the webapp. So, another release is planned tomorrow.

Yesterday and part of today I dug into the ?windows ssh webapp password entry broken reversion. Eventually cracked the problem; it seems that different versions of ssh for Windows do different things in a isatty check, and there's a flag that can be passed when starting ssh to make it not see a controlling tty. However, this neeeds changes to the process library, which db48x and I have now coded up. So a fix for this bug is waiting on a new release of that library. Oh well.

Rest of today was catching up on recent traffic, and improving the behavior of git annex fsck when there's a disk IO error while checksumming a file. Now it'll detect a hardware fault exception, and take that to mean the file is bad, and move it to the bad files directory, instead of just crashing.

I need better tooling to create disk IO errors on demand. Yanking disks out works, but is a blunt instrument. Anyone know of good tools for that?