On Friday I installed the CubieTruck that is the new autobuilder for arm. This autobuilder is hosted at WetKnee Books, so its physical security includes a swamp.

The hardware is not fast, but it's faster and far more stable than qemu arm emulation. By Saturday I got the build environment all installed nicely, including building libraries that use template haskell!

But, ghc crashed with an internal error building git-annex. I upgraded to ghc 7.10.1 (which took another day), but it also crashed. Was almost giving up, but I looked at the ghc parameters, and -j2 stuck out in them. Removed the -j2, and the build works w/o crashing! \o/ (Filed a bug report on ghc.)

Anarcat has been working on improving the man pages, including lots of linking to related commands.

The 2015 Haskell Communities and Activities Report is out, and includes an entry for git-annex for the first time!