Worked thru some backlog. Currently stands at 152 messages.

Merged work from Sebastian Reuße to teach the assistant to listen for systemd-networkd dbus events when the network connection changes.

Added git annex get --incomplete, which can be used to resume whatever it was you were downloading earlier and interrupted, that you've forgotten about. ;)

The Isuma Media Players project is using git-annex to "create a two-way, distributed content distribution network for communities with poor connexions to the internet". My understanding is this involves places waaay up North.

Reading over their design docs is quite interesting, both to see how they've leveraged things like git-annex metadata and preferred content expressions and the assistant, and areas where git-annex falls short.

Between DataLad, Isuma, Baobáxia, IA.BAK, and more, there are a lot of projects being built on top of git-annex now!