I've been working on adding GitLab support to the webapp for the past 3 days.

That's not the only thing I've been working on; I've continued to work on the older parts of the backlog, which is now shrunk to 91 messages, and made some minor improvements and bugfixes.

But, GitLab support in the webapp has certianly taken longer than I'd have expected. Only had to write 82 lines of GitLab specific code so far, but it went slowly. The user will need to cut and paste repository url and ssh public key back and forth between the webapp and GitLab for now. And the way GitLab repositories use git-annex makes it a bit tricky to set up; in one case the webapp has to do a forced push dry run to check if the repository on GitLab can be accessed by ssh.

I found a way to adapt the existing code for setting up a ssh server to also support GitLab, so beyond the repo url prompt and ssh key setup, everything will be reused. I have something that works now, but there are lots of cases to test (encrypted repositories, enabling existing repositories, etc), so will need to work on it a bit more before merging this feature.

Also took some time to split the centralized git repository tutorial into three parts, one for each of GitHub, GitLab, and self-administered servers.

The git-annex package in Debian unstable hasn't been updated for 8 months. This is about to change; Richard Hartmann has stepped up and is preparing an upload of a recent version. Yay!