Some neat stuff is coming up, but today was a pretty blah day for me. I did get the Cronner tested and working (only had a few little bugs). But I got stuck for quite a while making the Cronner stop git-annex fsck processes it was running when their jobs get removed. I had some code to do this that worked when run standalone, but not when run from git-annex.

After considerable head-scratching, I found out this was due to forkProcess masking aync exceptions, which seems to be probably a bug. Luckily was able to work around it. Async exceptions continue to strike me as the worst part of the worst part of Haskell (the worst part being exceptions in general).

Was more productive after that.. Got the assistant to automatically queue re-downloads of any files that fsck throws out due to having bad contents, and made the webapp display an alert while fscking is running, which will go to the page to configure fsck schedules. Now all I need to do is build the UI of that page.