Test suite is 100% green! Fixed one remaining bug it found, and solved the strange sqlite crash, which turned out to be caused by the test suite deleting its temporary repository before sqlite was done with the database inside it.

The only remaining blocker for using v6 unlocked files is a bad interaction with shared clones. That should be easy to fix, so release of git-annex version 6 is now not far away!

While I've only talked about v6/smudge stuff here lately, I have been fixing various other bugs along the way, and have accumulated a dozen bug fixes since the last release. Earlier this week I fixed a bug in git annex unused. Yesterday I noticed that git annex migrate didn't copy over metadata. Today, fixed a crash of git annex view in a non-unicode locale. Etc. So it'll be good not to have the release blocked any longer by v6 stuff.