Two more days working on v6 and the smudge branch is almost ready to be merged. The test suite is passing again for v5 repos, and is almost passing for v6 repos. Also I decided to make git annex init create v5 repos for now, so git annex init --version=6 or a git annex upgrade is needed to get a v6 repo. So while I still have plenty of todo items for v6 repos, they are working reasonably well and almost ready for early adopters.

The only real blocker to merging it is that the database stuff used by v6 is not optimised yet and probably slow, and even in v5 repos it will query the database. I hope to find an optimisation that avoids all database overhead unless unlocked files are used in a v6 repo.

I'll probably make one more release before that is merged though. Yesterday I fixed a small security hole in git annex repair, which could expose the contents of an otherwise not world-writable repository to local users.

BTW, the 2015 git-annex user survey closes in two weeks, please go fill it out if you haven't yet done so!