While I said I was done with fsck scheduling yesterday, I ended up adding one more feature to it today: Full anacron style scheduling. So a fsck can be scheduled to run once per week, or month, or year, and it'll run the fsck the next time it's available after that much time has passed. The nice thing about this is I didn't have to change Cronner at all to add this, just improved the Recurrence data type and the code that calculates when to run events.

Rest of the day I've been catching up on some bug reports. The main bug I fixed caused git-annex on Android to hang when adding files. This turns out to be because it's using a new (unreleased) version of git, and git check-attr -z output format has changed in an incompatible way.

I am currently 70 messages behind, which includes some ugly looking bug reports, so I will probably continue with this over the next couple days.