Getting started on adjusted branches, taking a top-down and bottom-up approach. Yesterday I worked on improving the design. Today, built a git mktree interface that supports recursive tree generation and filtering, which is the low-level core of what's needed to implement the adjusted branches.

To test that, wrote a fun program that generates a git tree with all the filenames reversed.

import Git.Tree
import Git.CurrentRepo
import Git.FilePath
import Git.Types
import System.FilePath

main = do
        r <- Git.CurrentRepo.get
        (Tree t, cleanup) <- getTree (Ref "HEAD") r
        print =<< recordTree r (Tree (map reverseTree t))

reverseTree :: TreeContent -> TreeContent
reverseTree (TreeBlob f m s) = TreeBlob (reverseFile f) m s
reverseTree (RecordedSubTree f s l) = NewSubTree (reverseFile f) (map reverseTree l)

reverseFile :: TopFilePath -> TopFilePath
reverseFile = asTopFilePath . joinPath . map reverse . splitPath . getTopFilePath

Also, fixed problems with the Android, Windows, and OSX builds today. Made a point release of the OSX dmg, because the last several releases of it will SIGILL on some hardware.