Over the weekend, I converted the linux "ancient" autobuilder to use stack. This makes it easier to get all the recent versions of all the haskell dependencies installed there.

Also, merged my no-ffi branch, removing some library code from git-annex and adding new dependencies. It's good to remove code.

Today, fixed the OSX dmg file -- its bundled gpg was broken. I pushed out a new version of the OSX dmg file with the fix.

With the recent incident in mind of malware inserted into the Transmission dmg, I've added a virus scan step to the release process for all the git-annex images. This way, we'll notice if an autobuilder gets a virus.

Also caught up on some backlog, although the remaining backlog is a little larger than I'd like at 135 messages.

Hope to work some more on adjusted branches this week. A few mornings ago, I had what may be a key insight about how to reverse adjustments when propigating changes back from the adjusted branch.