Feels like I've been working on adjusted branches too long.

Did make some excellent progress today. Upgrading a direct mode repo to v6 will now enter an adjusted branch where all files are unlocked. Using an adjusted branch like this avoids unlocking all files in the master branch of the repo, which means that different clones of a repo can be upgraded to v6 mode at different times. This should let me advance the timetable for enabling v6 by default, and getting rid of direct mode.

Also, cloning a repository that has an adjusted branch checked out will now work; the clone starts out in the same adjusted branch.

But, I realized today that the way merges from origin/master into adjusted/master are done will often lead to merge conflicts. I have came up with a better way to handle these merges that won't unncessarily conflict, but didn't feel ready to implement that today.

Instead, I spent the latter half of the day getting caught up on some of the backlog. Got it down from some 200 messages to 150.