Catching up on backlog today. I hope to be back to a regular work schedule now. Unanswered messages down to 156. A lot of time today spent answering questions.

There were several problems involving git branches with slashes in their name, such as "foo/bar" (but not "origin/master" or "refs/heads/foo"). Some branch names based on such a branch would take only the "bar" part. In git annex sync, this led to perhaps merging "foo/bar" into "other/bar" or "bar". And the adjusted branch code was entirely broken for such branches. I've fixed it now.

Also made git annex addurl behave better when the file it wants to add is gitignored.

Thinking about implementing git annex copy --from A --to B. It does not seem too hard to do that, at least with a temp file used inbetween. See transitive transfers.

Today's work was sponsored by Thomas Hochstein on Patreon.