The tor branch is coming along nicely.

This weekend, I continued working on the P2P protocol, implementing it for network sockets, and extending it to support connecting up git-send-pack/git-receive-pack.

There was a bit of a detour when I split the Free monad into two separate ones, one for Net operations and the other for Local filesystem operations.

This weekend's work was sponsored by Thomas Hochstein on Patreon.

Today, implemented a git-remote-tor-annex command that git will use for tor-annex:: urls, and made git annex remotedaemon serve the tor hidden service.

Now I have git push/pull working to the hidden service, for example:

git pull tor-annex::eeaytkuhaupbarfi.onion:47651

That works very well, but does not yet check that the user is authorized to use the repo, beyond knowing the onion address. And currently it only works in git-annex repos; with some tweaks it should also work in plain git repos.

Next, I need to teach git-annex how to access tor-annex remotes. And after that, an interface in the webapp for setting them up and connecting them together.

Today's work was sponsored by Josh Taylor on Patreon.