Git annex transfers over Tor worked correctly the first time I tried them today. I had been expecting protocol implementation bugs, so this was a nice surprise!

Of course there were some bugs to fix. I had forgotten to add UUID discovery to git annex p2p --link. And, resuming interrupted transfers was buggy.

Spent some time adding progress updates to the Tor remote. I was curious to see what speed transfers would run. Speed will of course vary depending on the Tor relays being used, but this example with a 100 mb file is not bad:

copy big4 (to peer1...) 
62%          1.5MB/s 24s

There are still a couple of known bugs, but I've merged the tor branch into master already.

Alpernebbi has built a GUI for editing git-annex metadata. Something I always wanted!
Read about it here

Today's work was sponsored by Ethan Aubin.