First day working on git-annex in over a month. I've been away preparing for and giving two talks at Linux Conf Australia and then recovering from conference flu, but am now raring to dive back into git-annex development!

The backlog stood at over 300 messages this morning, and is down to 274 now. So still lots of catching up to do. But nothing seems to have blown up badly in my absence. The antipatterns page was a nice development while I was away, listing some ways people sometimes find to shoot their feet. Read and responded to lots of questions, including one user who mentioned a scientific use case: "We are exploring use of git-annex to manage the large boundary conditions used within our weather model."

The main bit of coding today was adding a new git annex config command. This is fairly similar to git config, but it stores the settings in the git-annex branch, so they're visible in all clones of the repo (aka "global"). Not every setting will be configurable this way (that would be too expensive, and too foot-shooty), but starting with annex.autocommit I plan to enable selected settings that make sense to be able to set globally. If you've wanted to be able to configure some part of git-annex in all clones of a repository, suggestions are welcome in the todo item about this

git annex vicfg can also be used to edit the global settings, and I also made it able to edit the global git annex numcopies setting which was omitted before. There's no real reason to have a separate git annex numcopies command now, since git annex config could configure global annex.numcopies.. but it's probably not worth changing that.

Today's work was sponsored by Trenton Cronholm on Patreon.