Today was all about writing making a remote repo update when changes are pushed to it.

That's a fairly simple page, because I added workarounds for all the complexity of making it work in direct mode repos, adjusted branches, and repos on filesystems not supporting executable git hooks. Basically, the user should be able to set the standard receive.denyCurrentBranch=updateInstead configuration on a remote, and then git push or git annex sync should update that remote's working tree.

There are a couple of unhandled cases; git push to a remote on a filesystem like FAT won't update it, and git annex sync will only update it if it's local, not accessed over ssh. Also, the emulation of git's updateInstead behavior is not perfect for direct mode repos and adjusted branches.

Still, it's good enough that most users should find it meets their needs, I hope. How to set this kind of thing up is a fairly common FAQ, and this makes it much simpler.

(Oh yeah, the first ancient kernel arm build is still running. May finish before tomorrow.)

Today's work was sponsored by Jake Vosloo on Patreon.