After a month away building debug-me I'm back working on git-annex. I hope debug-me will be useful for debugging git-annex in some situations BTW.

Pushed a release yesterday that was mostly changes from back in March. It also updated the git bundled with git-annex to fix the recent git-shell security hole.

After work on Monday and today, I am caught up with all the recent month's backlog, but still have 230 old backlogged messages to get to.

The first consequental thing I got back to was improving ssh password prompting when git-annex is running concurrently with -J. It used to start up several ssh's at the same time, so connection caching didn't kick in, and there could be a bunch of ssh password prompts at the same time. Now there will never be more than one ssh password prompt at once, and only one prompt per host. (As long as connection caching is enabled.)