Wasn't planning to, but spent the day making git-annex not depend on the MissingH library. This has been a long-term goal, as MissingH pulls in several other libraries and is not modern or principled.

The first part was to using cryptonite for MD5 calculation. While converting to the form git-annex uses to make hash directories involved some math, this did make git-annex garbage-collect less, and probably made it faster.

Then I had to write my own progress meter display, since git-annex was using MissingH's display. That was fairly simple (73 LoC), and let me make it more efficient and tuned for the git-annex use case. As a bonus, it got progress displays when transferring files of unknown sizes, which wasn't done before.

MissingH was handy training wheels when I was coming over from perl, but it's been training wheels on some old cars in the middle of a 500 car train for a while, so glad that's over.