I noticed a large drop in bug reports and comments on the git-annex website over the holiday period of December. At first I thought this was just due to the holidays, even though holidays are often busy times for free software projects since lots of people have more time. But, traffic is still down this week, and several people emailed me about problems logging into the website.

So, lacking much detail at all about what people were doing that didn't work, I've the past day and a some trying to guess at and reproduce the problem. And I think I have, http://ikiwiki.info/bugs/login_problem/, and once reproduced it was of course easily fixed.

If you tried to post something and got a login prompt instead of seeing it on the website, now would be a good time to post it again.

If you still have login problems with the website (other than openid which has lot of broken providers and badly specified protocol and stuff), please get in touch and try to provide enough detail to reproduce the problem, cuz my guessing muscles are feeling sprained after this experience.

In the meantime, there has still been git-annex development happening. I added a new git annex inprogress command over the holidays that allows doing things like streaming videos while git annex get is still downloading them. Several fixes to problems with the switch to youtube-dl are fixed, core.sharedRepository is handled better, and the cabal file's custom-setup stanza was added back after quite a lot of refactoring of library code.

Today's work was sponsored by an anonymous bitcoin donor.