I'm unexpectedly preparing for a release soon, because the last release turned out to have a crasher bug when using a bare repository or --all, and a bug that prevented the webapp starting on OSX.

As well as fixing those, the new release will have several smaller improvements and fixes all done today. It's been a rather productive day.

And, using git-annex in Termux is now working even on newer versions of Android, that use seccomp filtering to filter out system calls that the ghc runtime uses. The proot program on Termux worked around that nasty problem.

The old Android app is now deprecated, and I'll probably remove it entirely within a few months unless I find a reason not to. So, I also closed almost all the old Android-specific bug reports today. I don't normally do mass bug closures without followup, but it was warranted here; almost all of those bugs are specific to the old Android app.

Today's work was sponsored by Trenton Cronholm on Patreon