Started testing that the security fix will build everywhere on release day. This is being particularly painful for the android build, which has very old libraries and needed http-client updated, with many follow-on changes, and is not successfully building yet after 5 hours. I really need to finish deprecating the android build.

Pretty exhausted from all this, and thinking what to do about external special remotes, I elaborated on an idea that Daniel Dent had raised in discussions about vulnerability, and realized that git-annex has a second, worse vulnerability. This new one could be used to trick a git-annex user into decrypting gpg encrypted data that they had never stored in git-annex. The attacker needs to have control of both an encrypted special remote and a git remote, so it's not an easy exploit to pull off, but it's still super bad.

This week is going to be a lot longer than I thought, and it's already feeling kind of endless..