Plan is to take some time this August and revisit v6, hoping to move it toward being production ready.

Today I studied the "Long Running Filter Process" documentation in gitattributes(5), as well as the supplimental documentation in git about the protocol they use. This interface was added to git after v6 mode was implemented, and hopefully some of v6's issues can be fixed by using it in some way. But I don't know how yet, it's not as simple as using this interface as-is (it was designed for something different), but finding a creative trick using it.

So far I have this idea to explore. It's promising, might fix the worst of the problems.

Also, reading over all the notes in smudge, I finally checked and yes, git doesn't require filters to consume all stdin anymore, and when they don't consume stdin, git doesn't leak memory anymore either. Which let me massively speed up git add in v6 repos. While before git add of a gigabyte file made git grow to a gigabyte in memory and copied a gigabyte through a pipe, it's now just as fast as git annex add in v5 mode is.

This work is supported by the NSF-funded DataLad project.