Started off the day with some more improvements and bug fixes for export remotes.

Then I noticed that there is no progress displayed for transfers to export remotes; it seems I forgot to wire that up. That really ought to be handled by the special remote setup code, the same way it is for non-export remotes. But it was not possible to do it there the way that export actions are structured.

I got sidetracked with how S3 prepares a handle to the server. That didn't work as well as it might have; most of the time each request to the remote actually prepared a new handle, rather than reusing a single handle. Though the http connection to the server did get reused, that still caused a lot of unnecessary work. I fixed that, and the fix also allowed me to restructure export actions in the way I need for progress bars.

I've ran out of time to finish adding the missing progress bars today, so I'll do it tomorrow.

Today's work was sponsored by Jake Vosloo on Patreon.