The release of git-annex with all the ByteString optimisations went out earlier this week. The Windows autobuilder was down and I didn't try to get it building on Windows, so fixed that today, luckily all those changes only broke a few bits of Windows-specific code.

Also today, I added git-annex add --force-annex/--force-git options. These do the same thing as -c annex.largefiles=anthing etc, but are easier to type and may avoid some tricky git behavior in some edge cases.

I'd kind of like to get back to v8 this month and perhaps release it. There's a v8 branch now, which as well as the sqlite changes adds a new annex.dotfiles config setting, and cleans up the special cases around adding dotfiles. Anyone not using git-annex to manage large dotfiles (or files in dotdirs) won't be impacted, but those who do will need to enable annex.dotfiles and configure annex.largefiles to match the dotfiles they want annexed. There is a risk that someone who's in the habit of running git annex add .dotfile to add them to the annex will be surprised when the new version adds them to git because they've not done the necessary configuration. I'm still mulling over whether this is an acceptable risk to mostly de-uglify and de-special-case dotfiles.