I'm only working on git-annex a day or two a week at present. Like everyone, dealing with the covid-19 crisis taking up a lot of my time. Some days I can't concentrate, some days I am dealing with basic needs, and other days I am rushing to develop other software targeted at this crisis. (See my personal blog.)

I remotely attended the MONII conference a week ago, with lots of researchers doing things with software related to git-annex, some in the health field, and something that struck me was a mention that it's important that scientists continue their work, even if it's not directly related to the crisis. All kinds of fields are going to be important in the time ahead beyond saving lives.

So I am prioritizing anything scientists need to use git-annex, and anything those working on the crisis might need. If that's you and you need something, you can use the new "priority" tag on bugs and todos, and it will go right to the top of the roadmap. Do bear in mind that I have limited time/resources/attention right now, so only use it when you really need something urgently.