My last day before thanksgiving, getting caught up with some recent bug reports and, quite a rush to get a lot of fixes in. Adding to the fun, wintery weather means very limited power today.

It was a very productive day, especially for Android, which hopefully has XMPP working again (at least it builds..), halved the size of the package, etc.

Fixed a stupid bug in the automatic v5 upgrade code; annex.version was not being set to 5, and so every git annex command was actually re-running the upgrade.

Fixed another bug I introduced last Friday, which the test suite luckily caught, that broke using some local remotes in direct mode.

Tracked down a behavior that makes git annex sync quite slow on filesystems that don't support symlinks. I need to switch direct mode to not using git commit at all, and use plumbing to make commits there. Will probably work on this over the holiday.