Got the entire webapp to build on Windows.

Compiling was easy. One line of code had to be #ifdefed out, and the whole rest of the webapp UI just built!

Linking was epic. It seems that I really am runninginto a 32kb command line length limit, which causes the link command to fail on Windows. git-annex with all its bells and whistles enabled is just too big. Filed a ghc bug report, and got back a helpful response about using to work around.

6 hours of slogging through compiling dependencies and fighting with toolchain later, I have managed to link git-annex with the webapp!

The process is not automated yet. While I was able to automate passing gcc a @file with its parameters, gcc then calls collect2, which calls ld, and both are passed too many parameters. I have not found a way to get gcc to generate a response file. So I did it manually. Urgh.

Also, it crashes on startup with getAddrInfo failure. But some more porting is to be expected, now that the windows webapp links.. ;)