Android has the EvilSplicer, now Windows gets the EvilLinker. Fully automated, and truly horrible solution to the too long command line problem.

Now when I run git annex webapp on windows, it almost manages to open the web browser.

At the same time, I worked with Yuri to upgrade the Windows autobuilder to a newer Haskell platform, which can install Yesod. I have not quite achieved a successful webapp build on the autobuilder, but it seems close.

Here's a nice Haskell exercise for someone. I wrote this quick and dirty function in the EvilSplicer, but it's crying out for a generalized solution.

{- Input contains something like 
 - c:/program files/haskell platform/foo -LC:/Program Files/Haskell Platform/ -L...
 - and the *right* spaces must be escaped with \
 - Argh.
escapeDosPaths :: String -> String
escapeDosPaths = replace "Program Files" "Program\\ Files"
        . replace "program files" "program\\ files"
        . replace "Haskell Platform" "Haskell\\ Platform"
        . replace "haskell platform" "haskell\\ platform"