I've switched over to mostly working on Windows porting in the evenings when bored, with days spent on other git-annex stuff. So, getting back to the planned roadmap for this month..

Set up a tip4commit for git-annex. Anyone who gets a commit merged in will receive a currently small amount of bitcoin. This would almost be a good way to encourage more committers other than me, by putting say, half the money I have earmarked for that into the tip jar. The problem is, I make too many commits myself, so most of the money would be quickly tipped back out to me! I have gotten in touch with the tip4commit people, and hope they will give me a way to blacklist myself from being tipped.

Designed a external special remote protocol that seems pretty good for first-class special remotes implemented outside git-annex. It's moderately complicated on the git-annex side to make it simple and flexible on the special remote side, but I estimate only a few days to build it once I have the design finalized.


Tested the autobuilt windows webapp. It works! Sorted out some issues with the bundled libraries.

Reworked how git annex transferkeys communicates, to make it easier to port it to Windows. Narrowly managed to avoid needing to write Haskell bindings to Windows's equivilant of pipe(2). I think the Windows assistant can transfer keys now. and the webapp UI may even be able to be used to stop transfers. Needs testing.

Investigated what I'll need to get XMPP working on Windows. Most of the libs are available in cygwin, but gsasl would need to be built from source. Also some kind of space-in-path problem is preventing cabal installing some of the necessary dependencies.