The external special remote interface is now done, and tested working great! Now we just need all the old hook special remotes to be converted to use it..

I punted on per-special-remote, per-key state storage in the git-annex branch for now. If I find an example of a remote that needs it (Tahoe-LAFS may, but still TBD), I'll add it. Added suppport for using the same credential storage that git-annex uses for S3 and WebDAV credentials.

The main improvement I'd like to make is to add an interface for transferring files where the file is streamed to/from the external special remote, rather than using temp files as it does now. This would be more efficient (sometimes) and make the progress bars better. But it needs to either use a named pipe, which is complicated and non-portable, or serialize the file's contents over a currently line-based protocol, which would be a pain. Anyway, this can be added later, the protocol is extensible.