I've been out sick. However, some things kept happening. Mesar contributed a build host, and the linux and android builds are now happening, hourly, there. (Thanks as well to the two other people who also offered hostng.) And I made a minor release to fix a bug in the test suite that I was pleased three different people reported.

Today, my main work was getting git-annex to notice when a gcrypt remote located on some removable drive mount point is not the same gcrypt remote that was mounted there before. I was able to finesse this so it re-configures things to use the new gcrypt remote, as long as it's a special remote it knows about. (Otherwise it has to ignore the remote.) So, encrypted repos on removable drives will work just as well as non-encrypted repos!

Also spent a while with rsync.net tech support trying to work out why someone's git-annex apparently opened a lot of concurrent ssh connections to rsync.net. Have not been able to reproduce the problem though.

Also, a lot of catch-up to traffic. Still 63 messages backlogged however, and still not entirely well..