Various work on Debian, OSX, and Windows stuff. Mostly uninteresting, but took most of the day.

Made git annex mirror --all work. I can see why I left it out; when the mirroring wants to drop an object, in --all mode it doesn't have an associated file in the tree, so it cannot look at the annex.numcopies in gitattributes. Same reason why git annex drop --all is not implemented. But decided to go ahead and only use other numcopies configuration for mirroring.

Added GETWANTED and SETWANTED to the external special remote protocol, and that is as far as I want to go on adding git-annex plumbing stuff to the protocol. I expect Tobias will release a boatload of special remotes updated to the new protocol soon, which seems to prove it has everything that could reasonably be needed.

This is a nice public git-annex repository containing a growing collection of tech conference videos.

Did some design work on ?untracked remotes, which I think will turn out to be read-only remotes. Being able to clone a repository and use git-annex in the clone without anything leaking back upstream is often desirable when using public repository, or a repository with many users.