I'm having troubles trying to setup something like this:

  • Setup a git-annex locally on my laptop with multiple special remotes.
    • These are mainly free cloud services mounted with git-annex-remote-rclone
  • Set the number of copies to 2 (so I can have some redundancy on my annexed files, and spread two different copies into two random special remotes)
  • Use my local annex folder, but due to the (potentially) large size of it, be able to "git annex drop some/files" while maintaining the numcopies:2 setting
  • Set it up so that once I copy/create a file in the annex folder, automatically replicated twice (since numcopies:2) to any of my special remotes.

So far, I have setup my local repo as repository group: client, and all my special remotes as "incremental backup" (since I do not wanted them to each hold a full backup of my whole annex, since it might be much larger than the available space provided by the cloud provider, Box for example).

I had numcopies set to 2, but this only copies one version of each file to another special remote (I assume the other copy is the one in my local repo)

Setting numcopies to 3, copies to two special remotes (plus my local copy) but "git annex drop some/file" does not work, complaining that only two other copies are available, so it is not working as expected.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here but how would I set this up so it works as automatically/transparent as possible?

Maybe I could utilize the "/archive" folder and move files there, but i hate destroying my directory structure by moving files there, and I would rather "drop" the files in place, and "get" them when i need them...

A big thanks to the collective git-annex brain out there... :)