I just discovered git-annex as a great way to move away from Dropbox, but there are some open questions I couldn't find answers for and hope someone will be able to answer them here:

I didn't completely understand how remotes are treated. As far as I understand there are two different parts to sync, the metadata (which is stored in a regular git repository) and the regular file data (or only chunks of it?). When syncing, I can choose whether I want to only sync the git (-metadata) part, or if I want to include the file contents, right?

  1. Is it possible to sync only a part of the file contents to certain remotes? For example I would want all my ebooks and photos to be synced to my remote server, but wouldn't want my private accounting and tax stuff to sync over the internet.
  2. I have several (regular) git repositories used for e.g. development. Can I store a regular (bare) git repository within a git-annex repository? Does this make sense, or should I (for whatever reason) avoid it?
  3. A great feature of the Dropbox app is the automatic upload of photos taken with my iPhone. I would like to adopt this kind of backup. So considering a remotely accessible server. Is there some way to make use of special remotes like WebDAV to allow uploads over a non-git interface?
  4. Is there a way to access files (read-only) over a non-git interface from some git-annex remote? So could I access e.g. some pdf document from a git-annex repository, when there is a WebDAV special remote? Or do I just misunderstand the concept of special remotes? Is there another (useful) way? Maybe some kind of (remotely accessible) web interface?
  5. Why is git-annex not a backup system?

Thank you in advance!