I have a bunch of removable storage devices and was planning on storing my data across all of them. I've run into an annoyance, and would like to see if anybody has any ideas.

My goal was to have the full file tree on all the devices, but only a subset of the annexed data. Where I have run into trouble is removing data from the system. It seems that the "git annex unused" command checks remote branches as well as local ones when determining whether an object is referred to.

This means that if I remove a file that is stored locally, "git annex unused" doesn't report the corresponding object as unused until I either connect and update all removable storage or remove the remote corresponding to the removable storage. I posted a bug about this inconsistency named ?git annex unused considers remote branches which makes it inconsistent.

If I used the removable storage as a special remote, then I wouldn't have this issue, but I also wouldn't be able to conveniently use the files on it and manage the repo from it either.