I have a bare repo on a USB drive with ntfs. Files there sink from two PC: one with WSL/Ubuntu on Windows 10 and one with Manjaro linux. I found that though some files are on the usb git annex says: content is not present in remote as I getting them.


I tried drop files from the usb an copy them there again. And I discovered that on the usb now are two files in different folders:

Before dropping / copy it was: .git/annex/objects/Pg/vw/SHA256E-s91600--aa3c4ec61a1b5642b8c9c0f04dd36884130b8f0135bc9dae9b48b71c26511e4f.xlsx/SHA256E-s91600--aa3c4ec61a1b5642b8c9c0f04dd36884130b8f0135bc9dae9b48b71c26511e4f.xlsx

After this there appeared another one: .git/annex/objects/d21/4c3/SHA256E-s91600--aa3c4ec61a1b5642b8c9c0f04dd36884130b8f0135bc9dae9b48b71c26511e4f.xlsx/SHA256E-s91600--aa3c4ec61a1b5642b8c9c0f04dd36884130b8f0135bc9dae9b48b71c26511e4f.xlsx

git-annex versions

on the wsl: 8.20.200226 on the manjaro linux: 8.20210428-g27e5f3cd5


I understood that it's something about old and new hash format but how to get files in a such situation? Or how to unify hash format?